SCINT Summer School Slides

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SCINT Summer School

Summer school will be held before main conference: 26 September to 28 September, 2019.
Participants can grow a single crystal by the micro-pulling down method and evaluate the optical property.
Moreover, Participants visit Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center (CYRIC), Tohoku University with cyclotron and medical devices.

The Capacity is 30 persons. School fees are 20,000 (+Tax8%) and 40,000 (+Tax8%) for students and others, respectively, including welcome reception(26/Sep.), lunch(27/Sep.) and banquet (27/Sep.).

Time table SCINT Summer School

Time table of the lecture in the SCINT Summer School
Time Name Affiliation Title
14:30-15:00 prof. Martin Nikl Czech Academy of Sciences Inorganic scintillation materials: Fundamentals, R&D strategies and trends
15:00-15:30 Prof. Yuriy Zorenko< Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz Liquid Phase Epitaxy ? a versatile technique for producing scintillation materials in the single crystalline film form
15:30-15:50 break    
15:50-16:20 prof. Vladimir Kochurikhin Russian Academy of Sciences Review of the main methods for producing bulk oxide crystals from a melt

Program of the SCINT summer school.

Venue of SCINT Summer School

Summer school is held in IMR (Kinken) of Tohoku Univ./ Lecture room 1st floor of 2nd bulding of IMR.

Campus map